Sunday, 1 February 2015

8 Positive Things!

Before I write about all the good things I've been experiencing lately let me have a little mope about the weather. This shot was taken last year just after Christmas, and I think it was one of two days that the weather was decent. This year, though, has been awful, weather-wise. When you think Australia, you think HOT, SUNNY, BLUE SKIES, am I right? Down here in the state of the ever-cold, aka Tasmania, it has been miserable; rainy, foggy, stormy, windy, and freezing. While the rest of the country has been in the 30s we've stayed around a solid 15 degrees. Where is summer?!

On a lighter note, I've had a pretty good start to the year. So far, I think I'm staying in line with my goals (although it's only been one month). I've had my fair share of good days, and there have been quite a few things making me happy. Without further ado, eight positive things!

1) I reached 50 followers on Bloglovin'! I'm super duper happy about this, as I love that people actually read this little outlet of mine. Thank you so much to all you followers, and if you're not one (yet, haha), you can follow me here!

2) My grandmother travelled all the way down from Norway to stay with us for a while, and it's so lovely to have her company again.

3) I got into university! It wasn't my first preference, however it was an option that I had ruled out after receiving my results, thinking I didn't score high enough to be accepted. I managed to get a first round offer though! I successfully deferred for a semester, so I'll be moving over to Perth sometime around July. Exciting stuff!

4) One good thing about the rain is that it's such a relaxing noise to fall asleep to. I've pretty much gone straight to sleep in this weather.

5) I have yet again been sucked into online shopping, thanks to Boohoo. My order should be coming any day soon though!

6) Using my 2015 diary regularly. I've tried using written diaries in the past and I always seem to lose them or simply forget to use them, but this one is so pretty and useful that I can't stop using it!

7) Having lots of inspiration for new posts. Sometimes I'll go through a bit of writer's block, but lately I've had so many ideas for posts. In fact, I've got about five posts scheduled for publishing at the moment!

8) Finding new blogs and interacting more on social media. It's so lovely to see how many people there are with similar interests. I've especially been loving Instagram lately. I made an account specifically for this blog that has really opened me up to the blogging community more (does that sentence make sense??) All of you reading should go follow me!

What's been making you happy lately? Anything good/bad/interesting happen to you? I'd leave to hear from you!

I've also been thinking about my blogging schedule lately. Sometimes when I'm inspired I'll write a whole bunch of posts and schedule them out for three per week, but then when they run out I sort of 'abandon' the blog for a couple of weeks, until I'm inspired again. I'm thinking of trying to post every Tuesday, which means my posts will be more spread out, but also more regular. There'll also be the occasional 8 Positive Things post (Sunday) and Life Lately post (Thursday), which I hope to publish monthly. Let me know what you think. :)

xx Silje


  1. Congratz on the bloglovin followers! The weather is terrible here as well, so dw. I've tried keeping diaries in the past as well, and I always stop writing after a while either because I forget, or too much time passes between each entry lol. Good luck with yours though!


    1. Thank you! It's too hard to keep up with writing each day down, isn't it?
      Thanks so much for stopping by. :)
      xx Silje

  2. Love this post! I have to do something like this on my blog! :)
    I nominated you on my blog for the Liebster award! You check it out on my blog.

    1. You should, I'd love to read it! Thank you so much!!
      xx Silje


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