Thursday, 20 August 2015

8 Positive Things!

It feels like absolutely ages since I last did one of these. I try to keep them up though because they make you realise all the things that make you happy. And who doesn't like that? I also love reading other people's happy posts, and I think we should all share that, and radiate the positive vibes! How cute is that picture?

1) Moving over to the west coast. It's so beautiful here. I'm a bit impatient when it comes to waiting for it to warm up, but even in the winter it's spectacular. I mean, just hop onto Pinterest right now and search 'Western Australia'. Who wouldn't want to live here?

2) Keeping in contact with my friends in even the smallest ways. My bestie I keep in regular contact with, through FaceTime and iMessage and so on, and my other friends message me occasionally, and then I have other friends who'll send me a cute little snapchat, or tag me in a funny picture online. Little stuff like that makes me happy, y'know?

3) Getting back on Instagram (sort of). I never really left Instagram, I just focused on my personal account as I like seeing what every gets up to. I don't share my personal Instagram online as it's just that - personal. However, the other day I hopped back onto Fauna Lou and I haven't stopped since.

4) Complete wanderlust over Koh Samui. My aforementioned best friend and I are thinking of taking a holiday together sometime next year. However, we have completely clashing schedules, and she has almost no breaks from university as she's doing a fast track course (!!). We do keep on chatting about going on holiday, and right now Koh Samui is my number one destination.

5) I know this sounds silly but finding out that Rosie has gotten married. I've been reading her blog for a while, and I knew she was getting married this winter, or their summer. I fell out of the blogosphere for a little while I was moving and when I went to read her blog again I realised that she had had her wedding! I'm so happy for the couple.

6) Starting university. It just feels as though I'm achieving something, even if I'm only part time this semester. Year 12 wasn't a great year for me and I'm hoping to improve at university. Getting my study on!

7) Reading a good book. I absolutely love reading, but it does take a good book to get me going. I realise it's a children's book but oh my god, Howl's Moving Castle is just so good! I love the movie to bits, so when I found out it was a book I bought it off iBooks and dug my nose in. At first, I got a bit stuck about halfway through, but the second time I picked it up I whizzed right through. I just love fantastical books, where the world they're set in is a little askew. Everything about the Howl's Moving Castle universe is so quaint and wonderful. If you're still a child at heart, I'd definitely recommend it.

And saving best for last...

8) My boyfriend, Luke. It is so hard being in a long distance relationship, harder than I expected. There are many teary nights, and other nights when I feel like I'm going to explode if I'm not able to even hold his hand. He has been the most supportive person through it all though. He really is so kind and caring and thoughtful and sweet and I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the mushy details. Basically, he's the bomb diggity of boyfriends.

So those are the positive aspects of my life right now! Please tell me yours, or if you do similar things on your blog, comment the link below and I'll be sure to check it out.

xx Silje


  1. All very positive - reading a book always makes me happy

    Krissie x -

    1. Thanks for visiting! Books are lovely. :)
      Xx Silje

  2. I love the things that keep you positive, some are so simple, like reading a book, but so effective to lift your mood! I wrote a similar post on my blog, I call it Counting My Blessings, I'll add the link in case you want to check it out!

    1. The simplest things are usually the best! I'll certainly have a peek, I love it when people leave blogs for me to check out. :)
      xx Silje


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