Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wishlist #3


Wishlist by faunalou

Do you know how difficult it is to not spend money when you really love to spend money? Incredibly! Especially when the train station for uni is right next to a massive shopping centre that houses stores such as Mecca Maxima. However, despite my slip ups here and there (cough cough, new boots), I've actually managed to keep it quite under control. I do carry around a wishlist on my phone for things I want to get when I can finally afford them. But doesn't everyone? ;)

CANDLES: I need candles! I love the gentle flickering light, the atmosphere, the scent, everything about candles. I really can't afford little luxuries like these at the moment, unfortunately. So these are high up on the wishlist. I would really love a Diptyque candle, even if they're ridiculously expensive.

EYESHADOW: I did a bit of shopping when I first got here and was amazed at all the different brands they stock in proper cities (glaring at you, Hobart). I was tossing up between the Too Faced Matte palette or the Natural Eyes palette, and turns out only the latter was stocked, so I bought that. I really want to get my hand on the matte palette though! It's so beautiful, and I absolutely love matte shades.

SHOES: I love me some shoes, and these sandals are super cute. Chunky heels are so versatile, they pair with pretty things as well as not so girly outfits, and they're much more supportive than regular heels. I do have a couple of other sandals in my wardrobe, but can one ever have too many shoes? I mean let's be realistic here.

BAG: My tote bags are falling apart, and the other bag I use for uni has a bit too much of a beachy vibe for my liking. Yes, I know I'm being picky, but in reality I need an excuse to buy a new bag, and this is the closest I'm getting. Really, the situation is: "I just really love bags and I want more!" Plus I love this colour and style and material and everything about it.

CLEANSER: I am so frustrated at my skin. I cleanse it day and night and make sure to always get rid of my makeup, and yet I'm always breaking out. Clinique has a really nice 3-step system and people like Niomi Smart use it, so I'm hoping something like this will help me and my skin out.

MAKE UP REMOVER: I'm actually pretty happy with the make up remover I use, which is Sukin's Micellar Water, but I have some really stubborn waterproof mascara that I love using, but hate getting off. Apparently the Clarin's make up remover is really really good at just melting it off, so hopefully I'll have some luck with it. Fingers crossed!

Of course there are some other things I'd really love to buy, things you can find in my phone's wishlist such as:
  • NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Concealer
  • MAC Paint Pot in 'Soft Ochre'
  • Smashbox Red Correcting Primer
  • Every single vampy red shade of lipstick I can find
Noticing a trend? I call it the 'I-visit-Mecca-Maxima-way-too-much' trend.

What are you guys lusting after lately? I would love to know!

xx Silje

Clarins waterproof makeup remover
40 AUD -

Clinique gift sets kit
42 AUD -

Boho handbag
88 AUD -

Too Faced Cosmetics matte eye shadow
61 AUD -

Diptyque white home decor
135 AUD -


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