Thursday, 17 September 2015

i like mondays

Yep, I said it. Sorry to all you Monday-haters, but it’s true. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I have a 9-5 Monday to Friday job and I love my weekends too much, but at this point in my life Monday is just a great day for me. Of course, I don’t have work and I don’t have university on Mondays, but even Wednesdays, which are my Mondays, I love too.

To me, Monday is the start of something new (cue ‘High School Musical’ getting stuck in your head). I am obsessed with new starts. Not that I necessarily need them, and not that my past is bad or something, but I love the idea of beginning afresh and having a clear slate that you can draw out and create something wonderful with. I love sunrises for this same reason; it’s a new day to do something. Begin again.

Monday is the perfect day to do this. It’s the start of the week, a reasonable period of time to achieve something - maybe not something great or huge - but enough that’ll make you proud of yourself. It’s not so long that you lose focus on your goals a while in before you even begin to make progress (we're looking at you, New Years resolutions), but long enough that by the end of it you’ll have something to be proud of.

Monday is the weekly sunrise. It’s the day to start afresh. It’s a day to reflect on what you want to achieve in the next seven days and how you can do that. It’s a day to begin. What do you want to do this week? Cut out alcohol? Cut out sugar? Maybe have smaller portions, just for a week. Finally finish that paper that’s due. Wake up earlier. It takes seven days to break a bad habit - start that on a Monday.

It’s the Monday motivation that gets me going and makes me like them so much, but there’s also other factors I like about Monday. It’s when uni is busier and actually open, so I can see people and have access to the great library. It’s when the shops have normal business hours again, so I can post that letter to my grandmother. It’s the potential that a new week brings, and so much more.

The point of this post is, feel free to have that extra large soy cappuccino, but stop grizzling so much about the fact that it’s back to work or back to uni or back to school, and think about all that lies ahead. And no, I’m not talking about the weekend. Stop thinking about those glorious Saturdays and lazy Sundays and create something wonderful with those weekdays. Monday included.

The lake is still going to be there for you to walk around after work. You might have to attend three different lectures and a tutorial, but there’ll always be a friend free to grab a quick coffee and chat. Your family is going to enjoy that beautiful dinner you cooked regardless of whether it’s after work, school, or if it’s on a weekend.

Do something with your Mondays besides groaning about it while slumped over your desk. For your sake, and Monday's sake - I mean think about how the poor day feels. ;)

xx Silje

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