Sunday, 20 September 2015

i quit sugar - week one

A delicious sugar free breakfast that kept me filled up for ages!

It's the end of my first week quitting sugar, and I think all up I've actually done alright. I thought it would be a lot more difficult, and although I did consume a little too much, this week was meant for cutting down sugar, not cutting out. Next week I go cold turkey!

I consumed a bit of natural sugar through fruit, as I have a massive sweet tooth (the reason for quitting sugar) and needed a little bit to get me going, and I bought some dark chocolate dipped mini rice crackers as treats for this week.

The only time I lapsed was Wednesday when I was stuck at university with a numb brain trying to get my assignment done and I may have had a cheeky raspberry and white chocolate muffin. I mean it was calling to me! However, for someone who consumed the equivalent of a muffin a day, I think one muffin in seven days is okay. I'm only human.

During the week, at least up until Thursday, I was feeling pretty confident and satisfied with my diet. Maybe it was the sneaky muffin, maybe not, but I didn't feel the need to consume sugar. I wanted to, but I didn't feel as though I needed to. Then came Friday... I went out for lunch with an old friend and I kept the meal sugar free, but there were so many yummy possibilities on the menu! When I came home I was still peckish, and I decided to try and keep my mind off it by watching some TV to distract myself, but I was really starting to crave something sweet. I warded those feelings off with a handful of spicy nuts, but there was a bit of willpower involved.

A hearty salad with a side of homemade paprika fries

I'm keeping a food diary to track my meals and sugar consumption, and I thought I'd post it here to show you examples of low(ish) sugar meals.

Monday ~
Breakfast: green juice (spinach, watermelon, blueberries, coconut water)
Lunch: chilli and lime chicken salad and a ham and cheese roll
Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise with a side of garlic bread

Tuesday ~
Breakfast: big bowl of salad
Lunch: leftover spaghetti bolognaise
Dinner: pesto and vegetable soup, a lamb chop, side of garlic bread

Wednesday ~
Breakfast: two slices toast with vegemite, two boiled eggs
Lunch: satay chicken and rice
Dinner: roast veggies with lemon (potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, broccolini)

Thursday ~
Breakfast: omelette on toast - pictured above
Lunch: big bowl of salad and paprika fries - pictured above
Dinner: steak, steamed veggies, potato bake

Friday ~
Breakfast: steak sandwich (breakfast was at 12:30)
Lunch: beef slider with pickle, chicken slider with pineapple relish - pictured below
Dinner: tikka masala, rice, and naan bread

Saturday ~
Breakfast: two slices toast with vegemite and avocado, a surprisingly delicious combination!
Lunch: pad thai and garden salad
Dinner: tikka masala, rice, and naan bread

Sunday ~
Breakfast: two slices toast with vegemite and avocado
Lunch: egg and salad sandwich
Dinner: cheese and broccoli stuffed chicken breast with steam vegetables

Homemade potato chips! The dog also looks very hungry in the background...

I also had a lot of snacks to keep me full and keep the cravings at bay. I may have gone overboard with the snacking, but I made sure they were somewhat low in sugar, and as this week is the transition week, I decided to be lenient with snacking. Next week I'll probably cut it down to 1-2 snacks a day.

Over the past week the snacks I had were mainly all the same so instead of putting them with each respective day I thought they might as well be listed here.
  • chipotle spiced peanuts and cashews
  • dark chocolate dipped mini rice crackers
  • apples
  • soy lattes (no sugar or syrups)
  • homemade potato chips - pictured above
While going out to eat I tried to look for something relatively sugar free and these sliders were so damn good!

All in all, I'm kinda proud of myself for coming this far. Next week is cutting out all sugars - whether it's added or natural occurring. Goodbye fruit, honey, dark chocolate, juice, all the good stuff! Are you going on a similar journey? I'd love to hear from you, and read your blog if you have one!

If you want to follow my journey more closely you can find me on Instagram or on Bloglovin! Feel free to find me on any of the social media links in the side bar.

That's all my sugar-free talk for this week, I'll be updating my journey every Sunday for the next seven weeks. So until next time!

xx Silje

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