Thursday, 12 March 2015

essano rosehip night cream

To sum this product up in one word: daaaayum.

This night cream is awesome. I went into my local Priceline with a mission: night cream and eye cream, and came out with two little goodies, one of which was the Essano Rosehip Moisture Restorative Night Creme (bit of a mouthful, hey?). I had heard that rosehip oil was really good for your skin as it soothed and moisturised naturally, without irritating your skin. I kept an eye on the Essano line for a while but I kept trying to convince myself "you don't need another skin product", "you've got thousands of moisturisers at home" and so on and so forth. However, I am so glad I picked this up as it is such a wonderful product.

This night cream claims to deeply moisturise and nourish, as well as promote elasticity. I can assure you it certainly does what it says. When applying, it feels really nice and thick, but soaks into your skin nice and quickly. It's like your skin is having a good, well deserved drink. Almost instantly you can tell the texture of your skin has changed.

It's a really thick, buttery texture that rubs into your skin well and doesn't leave a sticky film like most heavy moisturisers do. When I got up the next day my face was as soft as a baby's bottom! It felt so silky and supple, and although I'm still young, I could feel there was more elasticity in my skin. The actual scent of the product is quite pleasant, too. It's hard to describe - a bit musky, a bit floral, but very gentle. It contains lots of goodies for your skin, such as rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Even better - they're all organic! I have a huge love for cosmetics that are kind to the environment, because they are therefore kind to my skin, which is a huge bonus (obviously). They are also cruelty free and vegan, yet another reason to go out and support Essano.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this product as it has become a staple in my night time skincare regime. There are so many eco-friendly benefits to it, and the results are so wonderful. My only warning to you is that if you have really sensitive skin this product does contain alcohol and fragrance, which I know can irritate some skin types. However, I have sensitive skin (not majorly, but my face and hands get easily irritated) and I had no reaction to this product.

I know I am singing praise here but I have not been endorsed by this product in any way, I just purchased it and thought I would share my opinions!

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