Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Weekly Wishlist #1

Now I'm a bit cheeky with my spending - saving has never been a strength of mine. Lately though, I've been keeping to window shopping and online inspiration. There have been of plenty of things tickling my fancy though, and what with my formal coming up I'm looking at lots of gorgeous online boutique-style stores for potential dresses. There are so many beautiful things out there I want to get my paws on!

Most of the things I'm lusting after this week are basics I've wanted for a while, or some beauty essentials. So here it is, my weekly wishlist!

Clockwise from top left:

#1 I've been longing for a pair of boyfriend jeans since last summer/autumn, but haven't dared give them a shot due to my short little legs! This season I'm just going to do it though, because they're so cute! These jeans by Popcherry look super comfortable and stylish.

#2 I was browsing the latest Priceline catalogue when I saw this advertised, and it looked like heaven in a bottle. Great scent, great ingredients and (hopefully) great results. My skin is the typical teenage type so I need some help to keep it nice-looking. I do use a few products now but I'm trying to find something that really works.

#3 These minimalistic black heels are exactly what I'm looking after for my formal - simple yet elegant. They're also on sale at the moment, what more could you ask for?

#4 I absolutely love rose gold, and rings are my favourite accessory hands down (hehe, punny), so when this popped up in Pinterest how could I not love it? Now how do I subtly mention that this is on my Christmas list to my boyfriend? ;)

#5 Not a want, but a need (sort of). My hair takes about two seconds after brushing for it to start knotting again, and it's a right pain in the arse to brush it out. This hairbrush looks pretty effective by the description though! As my last brush broke - I literally just put it through my hair and it broke in half because of the knots - I have decided that this is a very justifiable purchase.

What's been on your wishlist lately?


  1. I am terrible with saving money too! LOL! Love your wishlist! Those heels are so fabulous!


    1. It's just too hard, isn't it?!


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