Friday, 21 November 2014

Wish List #2

Wish List #2

Wish List #2

Clockwise from top left:

#1 I have been looking for a new bra for ages and this soft cup one from Free People looks super comfy whilst still looking super cute. They have a whole range of bralettes I want to buy!

#2 Who doesn't want the Naked palette by Urban Decay? Really? As an eyeshadow lover, I've certainly got it on my wishlist for Christmas.

#3 Admittedly, one of the main reasons I chose to buy an iPhone and not a cheaper phone was because of all the cases you can find - but look at this one !!! It is a bit quirkier than my usual tastes, but I am an old cat lady at heart.

#4 I have this perfume in both solid and miniature forms, but I really want the proper version! Summer's just 'round the corner and this is such a great scent.

#5 I'm usually a jeans kinda gal, but when I saw a pair of houndstooth printed trousers I had to find a pair. These look gorgeous.

I joined Polyvore to make this wish list, and you can follow me here.

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