Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A day in town

I don't know about you but I love busying myself in town. The problem is, I don't usually have much to do (except for studying right now, ugh), so that usually limits me to eating and shopping. I did work an extra shift this morning as my Tuesday and Thursday classes have finished, so I justified my shopping with that.

The initial reason I went into town was for a doctor's appointment, which was finished a bit before one, so that left me the rest of the afternoon free! I was meeting my boyfriend at four, so until then I planned to go to the library and hit the books, but instead I hit the shops.

Three op shops, five chain stores, and a bookshop later I was still empty handed. I had limited myself with my spending, as I needed money left over to pay my phone bill, so I was getting picky with what I was going to choose. I then made my way to the surf shop which is usually very expensive, but they had a massive sale and I had a $50 gift card. Cha-ching! I ended up coming out with these little cuties:

They're olive green in colour which doesn't really come out in this photo, but I love them. I've been looking for this style flat for ages, and at $30 down from $60 how could I resist?

By the time I finished my wee little shop, it was almost time to go meet my boyfriend. I had a voucher for a free hot drink at a cafe, so I grabbed that as well as a strawberry iced donut and sat in the park where I could get 4G, and read some blogs. That's when the rain starting falling down, so I had to make my way out of there. The trees above me actually managed to give some good protection, much to my surprise. And unfortunately, had I waited just a minute before leaving, the rain turned into a measly drizzle, and I wouldn't have got so wet walking out in it!

I found cover in one of my favourite bookshops. I absolutely adore bookshops, especially ones that are locally owned/small businesses. They have so much more atmosphere than a chain store. One I visited earlier today was a second hand bookshop and it was filled to the brim with books! I couldn't help but let my inner bookworm free - I was grinning the whole time I was in there. In the second bookshop of the day (this is a common pattern, unfortunately.. or maybe fortunately?) I found a book I've been wanting to read for ages. I've been debating whether to start it now or to save it as a treat for after exams.

I may or not have started reading the first chapter whilst waiting for my boyfriend, but a little sneak peek never hurt anyone!

My afternoon ended with a second hot chocolate and a quick catch up with my boyfriend. He has an art exhibition which opens this evening. I would've loved to go to but I'll have to save it for another day. He's a fantastic photographer, you can check out his stuff here.

I'll leave you with a quick outfit of the day. I promise you this won't be a regular thing, I am by no means a fashionable person! I just liked what I was wearing, and thought I might share it with you. I was going for the cute little nerd look I guess.

Dress/Boohoo, Cardigan/Cotton On, Bag/Fuller's Bookshop, Watch/ICE

How has your day been? Do you think I should indulge with the book now or save it for after exams? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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