Sunday, 30 November 2014

8 Positive Things!

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I've had a great week up until yesterday. I spent three hours on Friday in the company of a sick friend, and have now caught her cold! I even had to leave work an hour early yesterday because it got that bad. Never fun, but I've stocked up on aaaall the drugs - cold and flu tablets, codeine, Strepsils, cough suppressants, and menthol lollies. This also gives me an excuse to lie around in bed lots and cool my burning throat with Weis sorbet. Never mind that, though, let's focus on the positive! That's what these posts are for, after all.

1) My year 12 formal! I had the most wonderful time, it was a great end to the school year. I'll be sure to put up a post soon.

2) Photo booth photos! The formal had a photo booth that took free photos, which made me super happy as I had some momentos to take home with me.

3) My friend, C. She makes me super happy and it's always so nice to see her. I met her in my first year of high school, and we've had a friendship since then that's more resembled sisterhood. She's one of those best friends that you don't have to see often to be able to call her your best friend.

4) Going out for a nice lunch date by myself. I had a book, a chai, and a yummy salad, what more did I need? I managed to make a friend in a French backpacker who was sitting next to me, but I got a bit worried he was getting the wrong idea and had to subtly mention I have a boyfriend. That didn't stop him from asking if I was free on the weekend and giving me a proper French farewell (a kiss on both cheeks)! Ah well, it makes for a funny story.

5) My super-cute new phone case. Is it stupid that something so materialistic can make me happy? ;)

6) The Christmas season is almost upon us! The countdown begins tomorrow, as does the home decorating and the Christmas tree going up. Carols are already playing and my little sister and her boyfriend are in the kitchen baking gingerbread as I write this. Best of all - I have my chocolate advent calendar ready, hehe.

7) My parents surprising me with a graduation gift. I absolutely adore rings, so this was a perfect choice.

8) My father has been on a work trip to the United States and comes home tomorrow! I'll be so glad to see him.

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