Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What happens next?

I have finished year twelve, which also means I have finished my compulsory schooling. This terrifies me extremely. I mean, what happens next?

University is on the agenda, but I mean what really happens next. My entire schedule changes. I have time to do so much more. Am I going to take a gap year or go straight onto further education? If I take a gap year, what am I going to do in it? How am I going to save enough money to go travelling? Should I travel or should I save up enough to actually afford to go to an interstate university? There are so many questions and I am sure I don't feel alone in this.

There has been a lot of publicity on what happens after year twelve. Celebrities and TV personalities have spoken out on how there's a whole life after year twelve, but they're so successful, it doesn't make me feel too much better. At this point in time I know I want to do midwifery at university, but what if I don't enjoy that, or simply can't do it? I have my backup options - speech pathology, social work, health promotion - but what if none of those work out either?

What if I don't get in?

There seems to be an awful lot of pressure on students these days to excel academically, but that's beginning to tear us down. Personally, I don't feel successful with the work I've done because of relatives who have done better than me. It's as if my successes are invalid because they aren't as good as theirs. But this really isn't the way I, or anyone else, should be thinking.

It scares me mainly for the reason that for the past fourteen years I have been in school, and as I can't remember back to when I was two years old, this is all I've ever known. Ever. School has literally been everything to us, despite how much we like or dislike it. I remember in primary school thinking that after graduating year 12 it just becomes one big summer holiday that lasts the rest of your life. Uh, no. Not quite. So what do I do? Work at a 9-5 job? Meet my friends for coffee? Go on a great big European adventure?

I don't know!

Like I've mentioned above, I know I'm not alone. Sorry about the ramble, but if you've stuck through this whole post, thank you. How did you deal/are you dealing with finishing compulsory schooling?

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