Sunday, 21 December 2014

8 Positive Things!

Christmas is three days away and Oliver knows he's a gift in himself!

It's Christmas time! We're so close! It's been a couple of weeks since I last did an 8 Positive Things post so I've got lots of happy things on my mind. I really enjoy doing these posts as I find it nice to reflect on the things that make you smile over the past few days.

1) I got my results for school! While I'm not going to go into detail about how I did, I will say I'm happy with them. Not to mention incredibly relieved.

2) Finally getting some summer weather. Although the air is still a bit on the chilly side, the sun has been shining lately, which always warms it up.

3) Little baby joeys! We live out in a rural area where we get wallabies in the front garden (am I living up to Australian stereotypes enough?), and we've had little joey heads peeking out from the pouches, but now they've come completely out! How absolutely adorable!

4) Family coming to visit. My gran has flown over from her home to visit us for the week leading up to Christmas, and my uncle is over from New York for Christmas, so lots of catch ups in order.

5) Dining al fresco in the summer sun with the significant other. Absolutely lovely.

6) Summer fruit and berries. My mother brought home raspberries yesterday but now I can't find them! Those things never last long in our household, though.

7) My boyfriend getting his first paid photography job. He's done a lot of photography over the years, which he publishes on his website and Instagram, as well as being featured in a few Facebook pages, but he got a job doing photography last week which was very exciting!

8) DIYing Christmas presents. So much more fun than shopping for them.

And as a bonus, 9) Uh, Christmas on Thursday!!

What's been making you happy this past week?

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