Monday, 22 December 2014

countdown to christmas: movies

I absolutely love Christmas movies - they always want to make me snuggle up on the couch with a loved one under a soft blanket, enjoying a warm drink and a hot fireplace. Here in Australia it's more likely we'll have singlets and shorts on, but I can dream, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly a summer person! I just wish the festive season was during winter.

Anyway, Christmas movies! Here is a baby list of Christmas movies I love and also watch year-round. I would love to add more to my collection, but most other Christmas movies I've only watched once, and also a while ago now. :'(

For the adults | Love Actually: This isn't just on my list of favourite Christmas movies, but on my favourite all-time movies. I love, love, love this film, and not just because it has Hugh Grant in it. I love the intertwining tales, the characters (little Thomas Sangster, aw!), the soundtrack, everything. This never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit.

For the family | Home Alone: A Christmas classic, the feel-good movie that'll make you want to hug your family. It's for the child in all of us, because, admit it, we all laugh at Kevin kicking the bad guys' butts. Home Alone 2 is also good, but don't get me started on 3 and 4. We don't watch those.

For the children | Jul på Månnetoppen: Like an advent calendar, but in TV show form. This is a Norwegian show about the Nisser that live in the mountains and the farms, and it's what I used to watch as a child leading up to Christmas. It's such a cute show, and if you understand the language I highly recommend you watch it!

For the sentimental, aka me | Jul i Skomakergata: Another Norwegian advent TV show. For children, of course, but we're all still children at heart. This show translates to Christmas in the Shoemaker's Lane. It's a treasured series in Norway that aired originally in 1979, and it's just the cutest thing ever.

The one movie I am too afraid to watch | The Grinch: I have a legitimate fear of this movie, and subsequently Jim Carrey. In fact, the fear is so bad that I can't bring myself to google an image, yet alone put one up. Don't judge me! I watched this as a child and found the creature so terrifying that I don't think I'll ever be able to watch the movie, ever.

I know this was a short list but I thought I should share with you some Christmas favourites in the lead up to (in my opinion) the best day of the year. If you didn't see your favourite in my short and sweet list, comment it below and I'll be sure to check the movie out! 

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