Wednesday, 17 December 2014

To Cut or Not To Cut

I have not had a good history with haircuts. It was all fairly regular until I decided I wanted "boy short" hair in year five. My question now is, why didn't my parents stop me?! From then on, I've just never managed a good haircut. I'm talking wonky fringes and unstylish choppy layering. So for the past five years I've just been growing it out with only the occasional trim.

Let me introduce you to my hair...

This photo doesn't quite fit the length of my hair in (which kind of says something, don't you think?), but I'm telling you - it's long. And believe me, it's nice having long hair. Messy waves, or long straight locks, aaall the braids and plaits, and super flexible with fancy hairstyles. Plus, my top-knots are huge. However, I don't do much with my hair except dye it, so I really need something a lot more low-maintenance. It takes half a shampoo bottle to wash it and then three hours plus to dry, gets extremely knotty if I don't brush it twice a day, and I moult everywhere. Everywhere. Besides, I think it's time for a change!

So this is where you come in - and Pinterest of course! These are the hairstyles I've been lusting after lately, but I just need to decide to cut or not to cut?!


Number 2 is my favourite, but my hair is rather thick so I'm going to guess it'll go more like 4. No problem though, I don't mind looking like Kiera Knightley. ;)

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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