Thursday, 18 December 2014

a walk on the beach

I had a super lazy Sunday last weekend, so after a day of lying about doing nothing I decided to get up and do something. Mum had given me her old Fitbit a couple of days ago, and wanting to get my steps up I thought a walk would be a good idea. My dad was keen, also (ie, I had to groan at him to get off the couch), so we decided to take the dogs to the beach.

Here's a photo summing up the experience.

It's safe to say my dogs absolutely love the beach. We adopted Jaxx (left), a couple of years ago, and back then she was very shy near the water, but our beach-babe of a dog Flicka soon taught her to love it. They're certainly not afraid of the waves now!

When it comes to fetch, Flicka is certainly not an underachiever. Although she doesn't actually play fetch. It's more like a game of throw-me-the-stick-and-then-I'll-run-away-with-it. Jaxx, however, is refreshingly obedient, so we'll throw the stick for Flicka, who'll bring it in from the water, then run away with it, and then we'll get Jaxx to bring it back to us. Ah, teamwork.

The fighting over passing of the very large stick.

It was such a sunny day, and nice and warm, too. The temperature was around 23C, so a lovely late afternoon. This time of day has such wonderful sunlight! All warm and golden and honey-coloured.

The day ended with dinner on the neighbouring beach, as there were no food places near us except for a greasy corner store (no, thanks!). I'll leave you with some parting photos of the scenery.

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