Friday, 5 December 2014


So I've graduated. Finished all my classes, finished all my exams - and you know what that means? Formal time!

The year 12 formal is the Australian version of prom, where everyone gets dressed up nicely and goes out for dinner at a function centre and has a lovely time. In the other states of Australia, this is quite a big event as the classmates have spent up to six years together, but where I live students only know each other for two years, unless they attended high school and primary school together. Most of my friends I have only become friends with since last year, but that doesn't stop us being close!

Unfortunately, my boyfriend was off holidaying in the sun just a few days after school finished (lucky duck), so I ended up going with my friends. It was a great time either way, and we spent the night chatting and reminiscing about the year, as well as talking about the future. I got ready with one of my friends in the morning, which was pretty much a five-hour pamper. We went all out - facials, nails, relaxing soaks in the bathtub, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy (you do it, too, don't lie) - and it made for a nice day before stressing out about being late.

Here are some photos of the night!

My best friend of six years, C. She's absolutely adorable and my first best friend since moving here in 2009. Love her so much!

Our formal table - those lips are just a sticker to cover up my friend's identity!

An awkwardly cropped photo of me. I wasn't sure if my friend would be comfortable starring here, so I've left her out to be safe.

How was your formal/prom/leaver's dinner? Mine ended quite early as most of the students were 18 and could go out clubbing afterwards, as many of my friends did. I, however, am a year behind, so little underage me went home and to bed. ;)


  1. LOVE your shoes! I'm very jealous of proms and formals. It's not something that's done at all in Spain (or at least not where I grew up) so I always feel left out haha! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh no! That's no fun. I love my shoes too, but my god were they painful, haha! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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